terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2008

Today I was reading the news. It’s a little bit strange when I recognize myself in the pages of the local newspaper. Today I was reading about Barbara Ganley and, somehow, we are some kind of partners in life and the visions that makes it real. Somehow I found a group. The Slow Blogger’s group. And I’ve got less alone without having to be with someone. It’s always good to feel not so alone and, at the same time, not to need to get phisically near to anyone.

Even if feeling alone is a state of mind. Even if loneliness is my mood. My constant mood. I am a man of constant solitude. And I always feel good when I’m alone.

But today it was different. Barbara Ganley was with me. By my side. In the other side of the sea. In the top of the earth. Near to the ice. Near, so far away, like a silent neighboor of my private storms.

I’m so thankfull to all those who can give his own words to my own feelings. That’s the beauty of the non-solitude. That’s when I make sense. When I’m understood through the other’s eyes. And that’s when it’s not just for me. Serendipity. Or. Find your own way to describe the place that you inhabit now. Find your own way to describe no-leaving. No-living. Or heimweg.

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leila fletcher disse...

it was worth waiting for you. i think i was addicted to your writtings and their complicated design of interlocking circles and musical symbols. want to be by your side always...

Aline disse...

às vezes eu queria ter o teu fôlego de respirar a alma. e não apenas as minhas gotas ácidas. as minhas frases tão curtas. as minhas pernas tão grandes.
mas, só às vezes, porque ser requer uma maturidade que ainda não tenho.
teu olho que brilha, teu cabelo que não tem fim e teus ossos manchados de vida... às vezes são sonho e eu fico aqui acordada por não suportar mais alguns pesadelos.


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